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Celebrating 10 Years!

Agape Resource & Assistance Center was founded in 2013 to help homeless women and children in Collin County overcome the trauma of poverty, abuse, and situational homelessness. Since then, Agape has provided over 76,000 nights of housing and hope for 262 souls, including 111 women head of household families, and 151 children. Of these families served, 68 women have graduated with jobs that enable them to provide homes and stability for their children whose past experiences no longer define their future hopes. Visit Hope4Agape for more information.

Jericho Village™

Agape women and their children need more than a roof. They need supportive services and a community that will launch them to a new life. Jericho Village™ embodies this community of transformation, strength, perseverance, and family – exactly our hope for all neighbors who will live in this 38 multi-family multiplex homes with a community center, a community garden, and a playground. Visit Jericho Village for more information.


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