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The Benevolence Ministry seeks to love, dignify, support, empower, and hold accountable those in need by simultaneously leading them to make progress in life.

CRUMC’s unique benevolence ministry can be viewed more so as a benevolence program empowering applicants to achieve long-term financial stability.

Benevolence process
If you are going through a time of crisis or financial difficulty, CRUMC’s unique benevolence program exist to empower applicants during their time of need. The benevolence ministry partners with individuals and families within the church and local community during times of hardship. Accountability and commitment are essential in this process. Those applying for financial assistance through the benevolence ministry must be willing to receive biblical, financial, emotional, or spiritual support. For more information on how to begin your benevolence journey, contact the community engagement coordinator at or 972.618.3450 ext:286.


Currently, staff, congregants, members or those who have or continue to volunteer in one or more of missions program/s, or any recipient of any of CRUMC missions programs are eligible to apply for financial assistance.

Yes – the application process may take up to 2 weeks.

Emergency applications are processed immediately. Non-emergency applications are reviewed Wednesdays and Fridays.

Walk-in appointments are not guaranteed, so please make sure to call or email ahead of time to schedule your visit.

You will be asked to complete a FAAB, a Financial Assistance Application for Benevolence. You will also be asked to submit any supporting documents for which the aid is being requested. Lastly, CRUMC must have a copy of your identification.

No – if approved, a check will be written to the order of the direct entity.

Yes – this may include any past due medical bills, rent, utility bill, or car note statements.

Yes – this may be spiritual companionship, financial literacy, emotional resources, etc.

Remember, financial stability is an ongoing, long term goal. For those who graduate, you will be rewarded with a diploma or certificate of completion signed, a group picture with clergy & benevolence team, a $100 gift card prize and continued access to community resources & other CRUMC action plans.

An action plan helps you set goals for your long term financial stability journey. If approved for financial assistance, you will be asked to complete an action plan throughout your benevolence journey.

How Can I Help?

  • To give to the benevolence ministry, click here.
  • If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering for the benevolence ministry, fill out the form here.


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Jazmin Rivera

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