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What is Pilgrimage?

Our number one goal as a student ministry is to aid in your student’s faith development and to provide a safe space for them to learn, grow, and ask questions.

"The goal of instruction is love from a pure heart, a good conscience, and a sincere faith."

Pilgrimage is a two year journey through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. This class is open to all High School Sophomore and Junior students. Emphasis is placed on weekly reading and in-class discussions designed to allow students to express their own thoughts and ideas about who God is and how God wants us to relate to him and to each other. In addition to the Bible, students will learn about John Wesley, the founder of the Methodism, the challenges early Methodists faced, and challenges that United Methodists are facing today.

The Goals of Pilgrimage


Our goal is to teach students to read, study, and apply God's Word to their daily lives.


We want to develop a group of students who are equipped to fill Christian student leadership roles at Custer Road UMC , college, or both.


We work to build a strong community of believers based on faith and a shared experience.

How Much Does Pilgrimage Cost?

Pilgrimage is $200/student for the two year course. This fee includes a Common English Study Bible and a journal. This ensures each student has the same Bible translation allowing for cohesive facilitating and discussion while supporting participating students as they connect and build community among each other.

Parent Meeting - Sunday, August 13 | 9:45am | Upper Room

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