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New Commandment Men’s Ministry deploys teams of men that adopt the widowed, single parents and others with long-term needs in our church. These men gather on the second Saturday of the month for prayer and Bible study and then go to serve doing basic household jobs in the home of their care receiver.

"I'm so thankful to God for tugging on my heart two years ago to support NCMM. It's been an extremely rewarding experience!"

New Commandment Men's Ministry Meeting:

New Commandment Men’s Ministry supports widows and single mothers by assisting them with home repairs, lawn maintenance and other honey-dos. Our mission is to show the love of Christ to others in need at Custer Road UMC.

We meet each second Saturday of the month. Join us from 7:30-8:30am for our meeting in room 204A.

Please R.S.V.P. to Tony Hairston by emailing him at

“Marking my 2-year anniversary this month as an active servant with the New Commandment Men’s Ministry (NCMM), I can honestly say accepting the call to serve in this capacity has been a true blessing. Not only have I met some very nice and appreciative care receivers, I’ve made some life-long friends with other men in our church. The unique aspect of serving in this ministry is that we have the opportunity to build long-term relationships, both with a consistency in supporting the same care receiver(s) each month and also serving with the same team of men for each of our care receiver(s). While our care receiver(s) have always been very sincere when they say how blessed and appreciative they are for the help the NCMM provides to them, it is us, the men of the NCMM, that are truly blessed. I’m so thankful to God for tugging on my heart two years ago to support NCMM. It’s been an extremely rewarding experience.” – Darren McKnight
“Here is my story… As a fairly independent person I was not quick to sign up for the newly revived ministry of Custer Road UMC . However, after our first meeting, I knew that my daughter and I would be blessed immeasurable by this kind and compassionate group. The NCMM group pledged their support and expertise on a monthly basis and I was truly shocked at how “relieved” I felt, to know that they were going to check on household/home repair type problems. So far they have spruced up the front of my house, moved furniture and saved my lawnmower from sure death because of neglected oil- these are huge BUT only secondary to the support that I know is behind me in whatever comes our way.” – Catherine Harrington